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Group Fitness

Group Fitness Training with Podium Fitness

Group fitness is a great way to stay focused and achieve new levels of fitness as your trainer and other participants encourage you along the way. Boot Camps, Boxing Fitness and Metafit are some of the classes Podium Fitness have to offer. Have fun whilst getting fit!

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Personal Trainer in Reading & across Berkshire

Gyms may have lots of expensive equipment – and charge accordingly – but most of it isn’t really necessary. Motivation is what’s really needed, and you’ll rarely get that in a gym.

With our personal fitness training we’ll motivate you by encouraging you and working with you every step along the way.

Find out more about our personal fitness training in Reading, Bracknell and the surrounding areas.


Group Fitness & Boot Camps

Group fitness training can be targeted at meeting specific objectives for the individual members of your team and for the benefit of the group as a whole.

At our Boot Camps every session is different consisting of bodyweight, endurance, power and strength exercises, circuit training and various fitness equipment all aimed to give you the ultimate fun workout.

Get fit at one of our Boot Camps, Boxing Fitness or Metafit classes in Reading & Bracknell.


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